Black—Cod is an all-round agency based in Antwerp that explores the contrast between the urban scene and high-end lifestyles, resulting in a unique blend of sophistication and rock-and-roll edge.

We take trends, vibes, and inspiration from the streets and morph them into strategies that reflect and elevate brands to reach their full potential. By connecting brands, creators, and audiences, we grow an even wider network that creates new opportunities to branch out across new and heightened areas.

Our diverse team of creatives, content creators, graphic and web designers inject their inspiration into every step of the creation process, from concept strategy to content creation, branding to copywriting.


Social Media

We develop custom social strategies and create high-quality & relevant content to engage with the right audiences.


On & Offline Marketing

Let us help you translate your brand, story, personality & values into new and unique perspectives. We aim to connect online and offline audiences to smoothen the connection between on and offline activity.



We translate a brand’s values and vision into a textual form that appeals to and activates the intended target audience.


Concept Strategy

Based on the objective, we utilise pre-existing key elements to craft a well-thought-out concept that can take both a visual and physical form.



We spend a lot of time analysing trends and viral content across different platforms. This analysis gets implemented in a way that strengthens brand presence and attracts a larger audience.



Based on the core business and already existing visual identity, we create a one-of-a-kind identity that can be extended across different platforms to appeal the targeted audience.


Graphic Design

Our graphic designers are experts at following rules as much as they are at breaking them. That way, they create visual elements that immediately attract attention while working with the visual identity of a brand.


Digital Design

In order to build the strongest possible online presence, you can rely on us for web design and web development. We consider the usability as well as the visual identity of the brand in relation to the platform in question.


Photo & Video

Our photographers and videographers possess an eye for capturing products, locations as well as people that aligns with the essence of the brand.


Rembert Van Cauwenbergh

Chief Creative Officer & Co-Founder

If it’s illegal to rock-‘n-roll, throw my ass in jail.

Charlotte De Roover

Head of Creative Office & Co-Founder

I came, I saw, I made it awkward.

Wim Voets

Creative Director

Insert quote here.

Vincent Therssen

Operational Manager

Stay thirsty.

Arthur Boon

Event & Digital Communication Manager

Always strive and prosper.

Simon Coppens

Graphic Designer

No regrets, only memories.

Charlotte Schaerlaecken

Communication Manager

Just a salmon swimming against the tide.

Ismael Ahmadoun

Content Creator & Editor

Better than advertised.

Astrid Lekkerkerker

Social Media Manager

Caring, creating and connecting.

Coralie Hendrickx

Conceptual Creative

It is what it is.